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go where you breathe free

The butterflies rising quote ‘go where you breathe free©‘ was originally published on October 13, 2018. butterflies rising happened to be on an Instagram break at the time that she published the ‘go where you breathe free’ quote, and the quote was actually the very inspiration for the Instagram break. The break ended up lasting for a year and a half, and so it wasn’t until later that she was able to share the backstory behind the quote and poem on Instagram. On April 4, 2021, she shared the ‘go where you breathe free’ quote in an image, along with the full poem in the caption, and then she shared this inspiration story:

“in 2018, this came as a little message from the universe for me. for about 2 or 3 weeks, every morning when i was still in that sleepy-not-quite-awake place, i kept hearing…⁣

“go where you breathe free.”⁣

and while it did make for another pretty pinterest quote, i knew it was about more than just getting fresh air… i knew it was about all of the heavy and noisy energy in my life that was suffocating my spirit. and so i listened on a soul level. i took a complete break from all interactive social media(that ended up lasting a year and a half)…
go where you breathe free

You can visit the post on Instagram to read the rest of the backstory and to read the full ‘go where you breathe free’ poem:

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